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Flashpoint Loot Site!!

Order of the Sith, Feb 12, 12 4:58 PM.
Just found a great Flashpoint and Operations Loot site so if you are looking for a specific type of drop here is where you want to look!


PVP Gear flow chart. This will show you how to get the gear and from where!

Order of the Sith, Feb 5, 12 7:48 PM.


Order of the Sith, Jan 17, 12 11:45 PM.
Just wanted to say Congrats to Cisor for being the first member of "Order of the Sith" to make Lvl 50!  Good Job man!

Ventrilo Issues

Order of the Sith, Dec 15, 11 9:48 AM.
Hey guys just wanted to fill you in on an issue I had with Vent last night in game.  For some reason when Vent was in background and game was running I could not talk in Vent but could hear others.  If this happens to you, Close out of Vent and right click on it.  Drop down to "Run as Administrator" and run it that way.  That will clear up the problem and it ran the rest of the night just fine!

Also Shawntra suggested that I make a few more channels in there so that when Groups log in and run things its not all in the same channel.  I am going to make a few channels today but if you can think of any other channels please feel free to let me know what you want and Ill make them ok.


Important Guild Deployment News

Shawntra, Dec 13, 11 6:57 AM.
The following link describes how to get your first (and subsequent toons) into the guild after you create them on "Mind Trick" server:

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